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As successful individuals in complimentary fields we have come together through our passion for wanting to see people succeed, in spite of circumstance or the challenges they face.

Each of us has our own story, and we recognise how so many leaders and employees are prevented from realising their full potential, often betrayed by their own mindset, misguided actions, left unsure by the environment or people they work with, or a lack of awareness and understanding of how their behaviours impact on themselves and others, as well as their physical and mental health.  Using our specialist knowledge and skills we are able to advise and train on a whole organisation and whole person solution to these important concerns.

If, like us, you believe personal wellbeing is a key factor in delivering exceptional performance and results then please get in touch »

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The wellbeing accelerator is part of the NineteenMinutes group of companies, all focused on supporting organisations and individuals wanting to improve performance, wellbeing and the life-balance for employees.


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