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To help you continue your wellbeing journey, we offer further programmes to develop and coach your leaders, line-managers and employees.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development calls for greater investment in management training to curb stress at work following the publication of the 2019 Health and Wellbeing at Work report. This and other research has firmly put line managers as the biggest cause of poor employee wellbeing. A significant number have poor social skills and are unaware of the impact they have on team members each day and they significantly affect your organisations financial performance.

Develop and Coach Your Leaders

We will help measure your organisation's leadership, and provide one to one and group support to line managers. This makes sure they are aware of those competencies proven to prevent and reduce employee stress, which is an important first step. We also offer specific and tailored development and coaching based on identified needs.

Build Capacity

If you want to ensure you have people within the organisation who can train additional or future employees then our 'For Leaders' programmes can be designed as ‘train the trainer’ sessions to allow the participants to become wellbeing leaders and share their knowledge.

Look after Personal Wellbeing

Senior leaders and line managers are often under pressure to produce results and this can have negative effects. Our support helps them manage this by understanding steps they might take to look after their own wellbeing, ensuring they have the energy to meet their workplace demands and focus on leading their teams.

Similarly, we have programmes to help employees understand how they can better manage their own wellbeing.

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