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If you want a comprehensive and step by step approach to building wellbeing in leaders and employees, then our Outstanding Wellbeing Programmes may be right for you.

These have been created for those who want to utilise effective, planned and evidenced based professional development and can also be designed as 'train the trainer' sessions to allow participants or your own trainers to share content with other leaders and employees. 

You can see a summary of what is included and an indicative price in the tables below.

For Leaders

Leading for Outstanding Wellbeing
From £3000
  • Module 1 - Introduction to Employee Wellbeing
  • Module 2 - Wellbeing Vision and Values
  • Module 3 - Building a Performance Culture
  • Module 4 - Building Effective Teams
  • Module 5 - Managing and Reducing Demands
  • Module 6 - Coaching for Wellbeing
  • Module 7 - Managing Change
  • Module 8 - Managing Stress

One to One Support

For Senior Leaders
From £2000
  • Managing personal energy
  • Mental focus and positive psychology
  • Thinking correctly under pressure
  • Physical wellbeing and nutrition
  • Managing emotions and self-regulation
  • Vision and Goal clarity
  • Role modelling wellbeing
  • Physical, blood and hormone testing

For Employees

Outstanding Wellbeing for Employees
From £1500
  • Module 1 - What is personal wellbeing
  • Module 2 - Managing Stress
  • Module 3 - Mindset mastery
  • Module 4 - Building resilience
  • Module 5 - Building personal energy
  • Module 6 - Effective working habits
  • -
  • -

Below is additional information on each of the programmes in the tables above. 


Leading for Outstanding Wellbeing

A three day programme for business leaders and line managers who want to build strong wellbeing foundations, an environment where employees thrive and where wellbeing is simply a part of the organisations's long-term culture. The days are not consecutive to aid business planning and to allow for embedding of practice between sessions, including measuring wellbeing and self-assessment of current behaviours.


One to One Support for Senior leaders

In most high performance environments, those responsible for achieving results are supported, to make sure they can give their best when needed. Professional sport is a great example, where preparation, training and recuperation are just as important as the event or game itself.

Olympians have an incredible support team, and in professional team sports individuals know their role and are supported to develop the personal know how to deliver the right performance, when it is needed, and when under pressure.

Yet this isn't the case in most businesses. Senior leaders are left to fend for themselves, and as a result are not always able to think correctly under pressure, burn out, or are not at their most productive when needed,

While we can't promise to give every leader the scale and depth of an Olympian support team, we can help make sure they are in the best position to deliver the results needed. 

It can also include blood, hormone and fitness tests, to help senior leaders understand steps they might take to better look after their own wellbeing and to ensure they have the energy to meet their performance demands.


Outstanding Wellbeing for Employees

A one to three day programme for employees to learn the effective habits of managing their own wellbeing. It is aimed at organisations where there are already sound wellbeing foundations.

Designed for all employees, it will reduce absences, increase retention and improve bottom line results.


Other Services

These include

  • Self-assessment questionnaires and 360 questionnaires for leaders as to how well they lead wellbeing for their team.
  • Developing social skills, empathy, emotional intelligence and coaching skills for line managers.
  • Using psychometric tools to enable leaders to better understand how to get the best from themselves and others.
  • Building wellbeing habits, including energy for performance, nutrition, exercise, mindset, and resilience.
  • Building appropriate systems of support, including those for performance management, appraisal, absence, development and exit.

Everything we do will be tailored and branded to meet your requirements and if you can't see exactly what you want, we build bespoke programmes. 

To find out more about how we help leaders and employees develop better wellbeing and deliver high performance please get in touch »


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