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Organisations that decide to use our wellbeing questionnaire, training or programmes will also get access to additional resources to use, to further accelerate your progress and support employees in managing and improving their own wellbeing.

These include:

Leader and Line Manager On-line Self Assessment Questionnaires

Line managers can self-assess their competency for managing the wellbeing of others. How do their behaviours enhance or inhibit wellbeing and how likely are they to alleviate or add to their team members stress? This is a psychometric tool delivered through four short on-line questionnaires, so you can focus on specific competencies and also fit it in with busy schedules.

There is a guide and scoring sheet available, and it is designed so line mangers can review it in safety (and without fear) and focus on areas of strength or development. They do not have to share the results with others (that's their choice) and as a result it is likely those taking part will be honest. It is also their choice as to any action they may want to take. We can and do offer support if needed and this can be done confidentially and through coaching.

Resilience Essentials Handbook and Chat Cards
Resilience Essentials Handbook
Chat Cards


A Resilience Essentials Handbook to share how individuals can better build their own resilience and how leaders can role model and support others. This is comprehensive, but a brief and manageable size for busy leaders and employees (just 16 A4 pages). It covers the difference between pressure and stress, what causes stress, when it might become chronic, recognising symptoms, steps to respond, being resilient and developing coping strategies.


This is further supported through a series of chat cards, designed so individuals can talk to themselves about specific issues and a range of potential solutions. These follow our own seven steps to building resilience.

These will be tailored to specific examples and pinch points from your organisation and sector.


Mindset Mastery Work Cards and Videos

Whether it's about workload, fear, worries, or lack of autonomy, it is how you think that makes the real difference. How you think determines how you feel, and therefore how you act. In turn this affects the results you are able to achieve.

We see this in top performers in sport, business and education, and it is supported by research - talent only takes you so far and a high percentage of performance and wellbeing is delivered through the mind (some research estimates suggest it is responsible for up to 85% of the outcome).

We will share a wide range of mind mastery techniques that you can apply to better manage your thinking and therefore your outcomes. This includes being able to think correctly under pressure. These are available for leaders and employees in easy to understand and short sessions, together with worksheets to help make sure everyone is able to use them to take action.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these resources then please get in touch.


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