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Training and development budgets regularly come under pressure and it's important any money spent brings significant value and a return on your investment.

Our pricing is transparent and below you will be able to get an idea of the investment needed. This will depend on the number of employees and options chosen - you can use the pricing as a guide.

Whatever you invest, you can be confident you will see a financial return greater than your spend, through reduced costs (absence, recruitment, temporary employees, advice, grievances, and health referrals, etc.) and increased productivity. 


If you want to identify where to focus first
From £1000
  • Employee Wellbeing Questionnaire
  • And/Or Line Manager Self Assessment
  • Full Set of Results
  • Review of Other Organisation Data
  • Strategy Call to Set Goals
  • -
  • -
  • -

Business Case

Training, resources and support
From £5000
  • Employee Wellbeing Questionnaire
  • Line Manager Self Assessment
  • Full Set of Results
  • Review of Other Organisation Data
  • Business Case, Strategy and Plan
  • Leaders Toolkit - Resilience and Mindset
  • Training for Leaders
  • -


Building your wellbeing foundations
From £10,000
  • Employee Wellbeing Questionnaire
  • Line Manager Self-Assessment
  • Full Set of Results
  • Review of Other Organisational Data
  • Business Case, Strategy and Review
  • Leaders Toolkit - Resilience and Mindset
  • Build Key Systems
  • Leader Training and Coaching


Wellbeing Audit

The best way to make sure costs savings and performance improvements are realised and progress is measured is to begin with an audit.

Reviewing existing data, talking with leaders and employees and using questionnaires is where to start and we will manage this for you.


Build Your Business Case

We will work with you to set out clear goals and outcomes, as well as how we will measure progress. Improving employee wellbeing is the one area where you will achieve a significant return on your investment. This will be through reducing costs and improving efficiency and productivity.

Once we have agreed the business case, you can proceed with confidence. Providing you implement what is agreed effectively, we will guarantee achieving the business case and can even build this into our pricing.


Build Your Foundations

This is where you will build strong employee wellbeing, by ensuring there are strong foundations in your House of Wellbeing.

We will help you create the culture, environment, working hours, and practices that promote wellbeing. Without this any training for individuals, for example on resilience, is likely to be lost within six months for most participants, wasting both time and money.


Ready to Take Action or Talk?

Ready to move ahead then get in touch. If you can't quite see what you want or only want to focus on particular areas of support, then we will build a programme for you.

If you have questions, want to achieve a specific outcome or are ready to talk then please get in touch »



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