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There is another way you might want to think about wellbeing!

Business leaders, thinking about employee wellbeing, tend to start by giving something away for free. Training, counselling, or helping improve fitness, health or nutrition, for example with a wellbeing day. Yet this isn’t the best place to start.

Our approach is different!

When tackling employee wellbeing we will help you focus on the right areas to maximise your time, effort and money. While current hot topics are resilience and mindfulness training, we will work with you on the things that make the real difference for whole organisation wellbeing and performance.

This will also reduce costs and put money back into your budget, enabling you to better meet the challenges you are facing. You can use our wellbeing calculator to see the savings you will make by clicking the button below.

Like building a house without strong foundations, any wellbeing initiatives will have little impact and won't last.

How do you make wellbeing part of the culture?

The nuts and bolts of our approach include:

  • Looking at how leaders behave and treat others
  • Psychological safety, working hours and workload
  • The one to one time employees are given
  • The control employees have over what they do and how they do it
  • Performance management, feedback and reviews

To create whole organisation wellbeing and achieve long-term results, apply the principals shown in the diagram to the left. This will improve results, reduce costs and achieve a return on your investment.

Take a look at the foundations - how does your business measure against them?

If you would like to learn more about the steps needed to build your foundations then please get in touch »


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