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Did you know that according to the Health and Safety Executive's research there are six major risks for workplace stress.

These are areas where leaders and line managers can all make a difference. It is why ensuring 'wellbeing' is part of daily behaviours, actions and culture is so important.

If you would like to see the six risk areas, click the button below.


Employees also suffer from stress and poor wellbeing as a result of things that happen outside work too. 

We are not talking about exercise or nutrition, as important as these are for long-term health. This is more about those things that might cause life challenges, for example, finances, family, relationships, and lack of sleep can all cause chronic stress. 

Helping employees to develop coping strategies is important, but not before building your wellbeing foundations. That's why social skills, empathy and making time for one to one conversations is a key requirement for line managers.

Once the foundations are in place, we can also help you with training, toolkits, resources, guides and chat cards.

If you want to find out more about managing the risks in your organisation to improve your bottom line results then please get in touch »


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