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Building resilience to enable store managers and their teams to better meet Christmas and other peak time challenges. That was what we were asked to do!



Christmas and peak periods can be incredibly challenging for retail store managers and their teams. Increased footfall, stock, opportunities and expectations, all play a part in increasing workload and stress.

That’s why this global beauty retailer wanted to provide support in the form of improving resilience and better preparing their people for these busy times.

They approached several companies and we were delighted that they chose to work with us.

The client were looking for two solutions:



  1. The creation of a resilience workshop that we would deliver to their retail academy training team. They would then take this out to store managers across their international markets.
  1. To work with us to design and create a resilience toolkit to provide on-going support and to help embed the messages and actions from the training.

Both these were delivered on time and budget and we were delighted with the feedback from the client. We can’t name them as their policy prohibits it, but we were delighted that they came up with a way we could share this.

The person commissioning the work said;

“Mark understood our needs and satisfied them with specific content that replicated the experiences in our stores. Our trainers took his content and materials and delivered them internationally to our store managers.

These and the resilience essentials guide and chat cards that we co-created were well received across all our markets and feedback has been very positive.”

The resilience and essentials guides and workshops can be developed for any sector and organisation and content will relate specifically to the unique activities faced. They can be delivered on-line or through hard copy in a range of easy to use cards or in magazine style.

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