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Why Use Psychometric Tools

Individuals differ in their abilities and attributes. This means that different individuals will be more or less suited to a job. By measuring the skills and characteristics, along with the required competencies that are needed to perform a job effectively, psychometric assessments are key in identifying and developing an organisation’s talent base and succession plan.Psychometrics…

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Good Wellbeing Leads to High Employee Engagement

We are in the midst of an employee engagement crisisMany organisations have put real effort into raising employee engagement since the financial crash. Despite this there has been little change.The latest Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 2017, showed movement from 13% in 2009 to just 15% of employees being engaged in their work.At the same…

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Do You Score Higher than 15%?

That’s the level of global employee engagement across all sectors (Gallup’s latest state of the Global Workplace report). Even more surprising is the figure 18%, the percentage of employees who are actively disengaged – spreading negativity and monopolising managers and colleagues time. This not only has a detrimental effect on workplace culture, it also damages the…

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