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Individuals differ in their abilities and attributes. This means that different individuals will be more or less suited to a job. By measuring the skills and characteristics, along with the required competencies that are needed to perform a job effectively, psychometric assessments are key in identifying and developing an organisation’s talent base and succession plan.

Psychometrics can measure various attributes and information about individuals that are not possible to gather through observation and traditional assessments measures, and they capture a wide range of important metrics:

  • A person’s work based behaviours, working strengths, motivators, fears and personal values.
  • Cognitive ability, for example mental load (how much information a person can absorb, store and retrieve and how quickly).
  • Emotional intelligence, which can help identify an individual’s self-awareness, ability to self-manage, build effective relationships, manage stress, their current level of likely resilience and burnout.

Psychometrics therefore have a function in the area of workplace wellbeing. The impact of stress on individuals is a major issue in the modern day workplace. It is the number one cause of long-tern absence, brings unwelcome consequences on health, families and, as our clients often experience, on workplace performance.

The bottom line benefits of investing in employee wellbeing are clear:

Organisations that have higher employee wellbeing, have lower absences, fewer accidents, experience lower tribunal claims, and their employees are more engaged, productive and profitable.

At Wellbeing Accelerator we are committed to delivering effective and evidence based services. By measuring both before and after training, we can determine any significant improvements in performance and wellbeing. This means that your return on investment can be clearly demonstrated.

We work closely with our clients, to tailor our approach and solutions to their specific needs and ensuring there is an impact on workplace culture and performance. Our psychometric solutions can ensure that your team is productive and well, so that your organisation can thrive and succeed in the competitive business world.

If you want to discuss your specific requirements for a bespoke psychometric solution or to develop a wellbeing workplace culture contact us now.