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All our programs start with an Audit of your current culture to ensure all your requirements are clearly identified and agreed on. From there we work with you to set out clear goals and outcomes.

Our Business Case plan takes this to the next step. Using the results from the Audit, we’ll create a bespoke strategy and plan for building a wellbeing culture in your organisation setting out the return on investment to be achieved and gaining buy-in from your decision makers and senior leaders.

Working with you, we will build your Foundation and implement a culture and environment that delivers the Best Employee Experience and delivers long-term financial, employee and customer benefits.

If you’re ready to take action or want to find out more contact us now.

Below you can see examples of what is included with each plan and this will be tailored to your specific situation and needs.


Current position & where to start

  • Needs assessment workshop
  • Wellbeing questionnaire
  • Leadership behaviours assessment
  • Benchmarked results
  • Review of people & performance data
  • Review of current foundations
  • Review meeting
  • Presentation of results

Build your wellbeing foundations 



  • Manage implementation
  • Deliver new wellbeing foundations